Bariatric Program

Facebook Page: "Our Very Own Bariatric Support Group "" by Christine.

Journey For Life Group Meeting Schedules:

(Sponsored by SEGAHS and Emerals Isle Counseling)

Glynn Campus Brunswick: the 3rd Monday night of each month 6:30 pm, last Wednesday night of each month 6:30 pm; Kemble Conference Center

Camden Campus Kingsland: the 1st Wednesday night of each month 5:30 pm Conference Room B

For Questions: dial 912-268-4750

Journey For Life Group Meeting Schedule during Covid-19:

May 4th, 2020 @6pm: First names A-G

May 18th, 2020 @6pm: First names H-M

May 20th, 2020 @6pm: First names N-Z

Platform:      Zoom. Application can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices

                        which include smartphones, tablets, chromebooks and computers.


Technical:     Electronic device must include a camera and microphone.

                        Proper bandwidth (wifi or internet capacity) required.


Location:       Private room/quiet place ideal. Minimum/no distractions.

                        Person close by if needed for assistance with technical issues.


Address:        An email invitation will be sent to member email address of record.

Example: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 984 146 103


Steps:             Option 1  Click on link provided.

                        Option 2  Click join a meeting in progress: enter meeting ID/


Notes:            Since many members may not be tekkies, incorporate the help of

                        family/friends who are knowledgeable. Once apps are downloaded,

                        familiarize yourselves with usages. Check camera and mike. Run test.

                        Try it with another member ahead of time.

JFL 2020 Handout:

Topics for 2020 JFL Groups

How Fear Controls My Eating Directions

Why Attend a Support Group

Journey for Life Group 2020 Schedule

Glynn JFL January Meeting 2019 Handouts:

Jan JFL Group Glynn Handout

Motivation for Exercise

February 2019 Group Notes

6 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

12 Mindful Eating Strategies

7 Mindful Eating Tips

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating Exercise

A Mindful Eating Script

Move: Embracing an Active Lifestyle


Developing Successful Habits After Bariatric Surgery:

Habits of Successful Post-Op Patients

10 Habits of Successful Bariatric Patients

Top 12 Successful Habits

The 5 Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Success

Speaker: Dr. John Tsai

Surgical Procedures After Drastic Weight Loss:

Life After Weight Loss Program Patient Guide 

Body Contouring After Significant Weight Loss

Body Contouring Following Weight Loss Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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